11. Document the Database Configuration#

Database configuration is important, because it contains critical security information. Users of your application will need to understand that they should change the settings in values-postgres.yaml because the defaults may leave them vulnerable. Expand your README.md to include the settings from the Postgres database. Your expanded README.md should include all of the settings in values-postgres.yaml.

Required Documentation#

Your README.md file should have the following information:

  1. Add a table documenting the settings in values-postgres.yaml. Be sure to include:

    1. The authentication information (username, password and database)

    2. The resource requests (so they can be updated as necessary)

  2. Update the step by step instructions for how to deploy your application on a Kubernetes cluster. You don’t need to provide instructions on how to setup a Kubernetes cluster or how to check out your code with git.

  3. Update the step by step instructions for how to delete your application.

In class we rebuilt the container to support the database. In the next milestone we will release that container.