Minikube in Cloud Shell#


Do NOT install minikube on your dev dox

Optional Development Setup

This lab shows you how to setup Minikube on your dev box. You should increase the memory in your dev box before you do this.

Minikube is another great way to run Kubernetes on your own machine. It’s already installed in the Google Cloud Shell and Editor. You can install Minikube on Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s the official way to run a Kubernetes cluster for development debugging.

Start Minikube in Cloud Shell#

To start Minikube in the Cloud Shell simply run:

$ minikube start 

The first startup will take a bit of time! Once complete you should be able to use the kubectl command to access your cluster:

$ kubectl get all --all-namespaces

To stop and disable minikube run the command:

$ minikube stop