2. Get Ready#

This is the first project milestone. To complete it you will demonstrate that you are ready to start the project. Starting a project takes a lot of setup and preparation. Over the first two weeks you’ll prepare your development environment, authenticate to Google and GitHub and create a repository. With all of that setup done you’re ready to start using the cloud.

In Canvas you’ll find a link to redeem a credit from Google worth $50. The credit is enough to get you through the class without spending your own money. To complete this milestone redeem your credit and introduce yourself on Canvas.


  1. Post a link to your GitHub profile page

  2. Introduce yourself on Canvas. Tell us why you’re taking the class and what you’re interested in doing with the cloud. Also, respond to another student’s post. Getting help from classmates is important in this course. If you’re planning on being all online it really helps to get to know who you can ask questions to.