3.2. Cloud Shell Editor#


The SSH key on your home computer can not be used from Cloud Shell Editor. Repeat the steps in the 2. Accounts and Keys Lab in your Cloud Shell terminal.

Once you have access to Google Cloud Console you’ll be able to access the Cloud Shell Editor as shown in class. As you can see from the picture below the Cloud Shell Editor is similar to vscode. It’s based on Apache Thea, a close cousin of vscode.

Google's cloud shell editor

The editor runs on a Linux VM with all of the software installed. The editor is all you need for the course and has some real advantages, like being available wherever you need it. The disadvantage of the cloud shell editor is that it’s slower and less responsive than running vscode on your own machine. The VM that runs the cloud shell editor is quite limited so you may not be able to build and run larger Docker containers.


Reset the Cloud Shell Editor

If you have used the Cloud Shell before and you want to start fresh you can reset your home directory in the Cloud Shell. This operation cannot be undone!