Final Document#

In the final milestone for the first half of class you will add some instructions on how to perform a backup of your database and compile the last seven milestones into a document. The final document should be a complete guide for how to setup and deploy Mediawiki on a Google Cloud Instance. You will rely on the document when you learn how to automate the process in the second half of class.


In class today you will see how to do the following tasks:

  1. Use the console for buckets

  2. Use the gcloud tool for buckets

  3. Use the gsutil tool fo bucket

  4. Make a backup using tar

  5. Schedule routine backups with cron

New Tasks for This Milestone#

For the last milestone taks you should document the following:

  1. The steps you took to create a storage bucket

  2. The permissions you assigned to the bucket

  3. Record the commands you used to make a backup and combine them into a script

  4. The commands you used to install the script into cron

This milestone will not be posted into the discussion forum. Just put the instructions into your final document.

Final Documentation#

The assignment for this milestone is to create a complete document. The document should be everything you need to recreate your project from scratch. The document can be written using any program you like. If your instructions contain screenshots you should make sure they’re included. You do not need to document the screenshots that prove you did the work. For example, in Milestone #3 you turned in a screenshot of running gcloud instances list, this one is not necessary.

Your document should be formatted into sections:

  1. Setup tasks. These tasks are done once to establish a project. Those tasks include:

    1. Creating a new GCP project

    2. Creating and uploading SSH keys

    3. Installing any necessary software

  2. Infrastructure tasks. These tasks are things you do on GCP, including:

    1. Creation of an Instance

    2. Creation of any persistent disks and their names

    3. Creation of VPC, subnets and firewall rules

    4. Creation of storage buckets

  3. Linux tasks. These tasks are done on the command line, including:

    1. Installation of all new packages

    2. Where persistent disks are mounted and what filesystem they use

    3. The process of setting up MediaWiki


You do not need to detail how you setup the visit counter site, only MediaWiki

After you submit your document you will be assigned others to peer review. Your review will not count for their grade but you will be asked to rate the instructions on completeness and clarity.