Setup a Dev Box#

This week you will setup a development box or dev box. A development box is a VM Instance that has all the tools you need to work in this class. You can use your own computer as a dev box but for this class you should use an instance because your dev box will also be the platform you use to create the first draft of your project. For the first draft you will install and configure everything manually, while keeping notes on your progress. The final draft of your project will be completely automated. This week you will also start keeping a journal of the steps you take in the class.


In class I do a walk-through of these publicly available labs and tutorials. If you learn nothing else from the class you should learn how to use publicly available resources to gain new skills. The cloud is ever changing, knowing how to use the manuals will keep you current.

Project Documentation#

The labs in this class are generic and may not contain the exact steps you need to make progress on your project. To meet the project requirements for this week you have to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Generate SSH keys (if you don’t already have them)

  2. Add your SSH public key to your gcloud project

  3. Create a dev box and use SSH to login from your home computer

  4. Reserve a static IP for your dev box so that you can consistently access it

You should fully document your steps and post your documentation to the class discussion forum. After you’ve posted you will be able to see other’s documentation and make changes to your own. Your documentation must include the following items:

  1. A summary of each step you took to complete the required tasks

  2. The external IP address of your dev box

  3. Your public SSH key

  4. A screenshot of you SSHed into your devbox