SSH Scavenger Hunt#

This lab will give you practice with the SSH command. You will use it to log in to several machines where you’ll be asked questions. You can find the answers using commands you’ve learned this week. When you get all of the questions correct you’ll be given a confirmation code and sent to the next machine.

Start from Opus#

Start by logging in to Opus. On opus you start the hunt with the scavenge command:

$ scavenge

When you correctly answer the questions you’ll get a message like this:

Congratulations! You can now move to the next host in the scavenger hunt!
The next host is: XXXXXXXX
Your confirmation code is: oZiRW30fWf57InNjb3JlIjo2LCJob3N0IjoicGhvZW5peCIsInVzZXIiOiJtYXhpbXVzIiwiZGF0ZSI6MTYyNTY3ODEwNS44NTU5NH0=

Copy and paste the confirmation code into Canvas. You’ll need to submit one code for each of the VMs in the scavenger hunt.

Starting Over#

The progress you made on each machine is saved. If you forget to write down the confirmation number just start the scavenge command again and you will be given another one.

Turn In#

Turn in all of your confirmation numbers on Canvas