Using Block Storage#

In this lab you’ll create a VM with additional attached block storage. Unlike previous labs you will have to research how to do this using Terraform and Ansible. This lab is important preparation for the project, which requires that you add a persistent disk for data.


Use the lab09 directory you created in the Using Terraform’s Documentation lab.

Class Lecture#

In the class lecture we created a VM and added additional block storage. Once present we formatted and mounted the additional disk. This is the basic procedure that you will implement using code.

Block Devices#

Add the following storage to your VM:

  1. Persistent disk:

    • Mount point: /data

    • Capacity: 100GB

    • Class: Any storage class

    • Filesystem: ext4

  2. (Extra Credit) Local attached SSD

    • Mount point: /scratch

    • Capacity: 375GB

    • Filesystem: ext4

Researching Terraform#

Your Terraform configuration should build on the base configuration by adding the persistent disks. Research the necessary resources on Terraform’s documentation:

It’s sometimes helpful to reverse-engineer a system created through the GUI.

Researching Ansible#

Ansible is required to format and mount the disks. Your ansible playbook should have tasks that do this. You can search for the plugins you need on Ansible’s documentation page:

It’s also helpful to Google things like “format a disk with Ansible” to find the right plugins and examples.

Turn In#

Turn in your configuration and playbook files:


  2. playbook.yaml