Mike Matera - CIS @ Cabrillo College

Welcome to the home page of my Cabrillo Courses.


All Courses Online Until February 22nd

Due to the surge caused by the Omicron variant of COVID-19 Cabrillo classes have been moved online until February 22nd. Until then I will be streaming the courses at the published times. Afterwards I'll be in 828 where students are welcome to attend.

  • Can I come to the classroom?
    No and Yes. My courses will be online only until February 22nd. After that you can attend the live class on Cabrillo's campus!

  • How do your online classes work?
    Online classes stream live at the time listed in the schedule of classes and on the course page. However, if that's not a convenient time for you you can watch a condensed recording later.

  • When will the class be live?
    Class times are posed in their corresponding class pages.

  • Are you available if I need help?
    Yes! I have office and lab hours at different time during the week where you can connect on Zoom and ask questions.

  • Should I live stream or watch the recording?
    That's up to you. The live class session has breaks where we work on lab assignments

  • I'm on the wait list, will I get into the class?
    Yes! I will take everyone on the wait list.

  • Should I take the online or the in-person section?
    They are the same! It doesn't matter what section you're registered for, you are always welcome in the classroom and you can aways access the online class. Register for the section with room.

  • How does the online class work?
    The class is recorded during the in-person section time. You can tune in live during that time or you can watch the recording on your own time. You can also mix and match, attending class in person or online on different weeks.

  • How do I access the class?
    The online course is accessed through the Canvas LMS

Fall 2021 Classes

These are the classes I’m teaching in the spring. You can find course pages using the menu at the top of the page.

About Me


Technology inspires me and I’m grateful to be able to share my love of tech with students. I’ve been an instructor at Cabrillo College since 2013. In that time I’ve taught many CIS and CS classes.


Programming is my passion and I’ve taught classes in Python (CIS-15), C++ (CS-11M) and BASH (CIS-98). Information Security is more important than ever with a booming job market. I’ve taught Cabrillo’s introduction to computer security (CIS-75) and forensics (CIS-77) classes. Databases are an integral part of most modern applications. CIS-54 is an introduction to relational database management systems. Networking is how we turn computers into working systems and the cloud. I’ve taught the introduction to networking (CIS-81) and how to debug networks using Wireshark (CIS-140NA). I’m a <b>Linux</b> expert and I’ve taught all of Cabrillo’s Linux courses, CIS-90, CIS-191, CIS-192 and CIS-193. Windows is the operating system for work. I’ve taught all of Cabrillo’s advanced Windows classes (CIS-194, CIS-195 and CIS-196).

Professional Experience

Prior to working at Cabrillo I spent 15 years at Xilinx INC. Xilinx is the world’s leading supplier of Field Programmable Gate Arrays, a type of microchip that is programmed to emulate other chips. I began my career as a logic designer, producing self-test circuits and have three circuit patents: US6239611B1, US6651238B1 and US8212576B1.

My career at Xilinx was varied and I did significant programming work in PERL, C++ and Java. I designed and constructed embedded Linux systems, producing purpose built test platforms with corresponding Linux drivers and software. I wrote a domain specific programming language to simplify the process of testing embedded systems using ANTLR. I designed, built and maintained datacenters that provide world wide access to special-purpose test hardware.


I have a B.S. in Computer Engineering from UC Santa Cruz and an M.S. in Computer Science from National University.