CIS Course Schema, Part 4: Deliver a Schema

This is the final step in the CIS courses project. To finish the project you will deliver a document that describes the schema you developed to track CIS courses. The document is a summary of the thinking you put into the previous three projects that, in the real world, would be presented to managers or a design review group. The document should demonstrate that you’ve considered the issues with the schema and have solved them in a justifiable way.

Required Sections

The document should have the following sections:

  1. An introduction that describes the problem you’re trying to solve and states your assumptions about the data.

  2. A section describing the entities you track all attributes of those entities.

  3. A section that shows the functional dependencies in the data

  4. A section that shows your table design. For each table describe why the table is normalized.

Turn In

Please turn in the following:

  1. A document with your FDs and Tables called cis_design.* (It can’t be text because you need underlines and italics.)