Upgrade to HTTPS#


This is an optional milestone. One of the optional milestones is needed to get an A.

In order for users to safely login to your site or to handle any kind of private or payment information browsers must be able to connect using HTTPS. Using HTTPS not only ensures that a site is who they claim to be but it also makes sure that an attacker cannot see the communication between the browser and the site. HTTPS is a must for any modern site.

Follow the steps in the SSL with Let’s Encrypt lab to get a certificate from Let’s Encrypt.


  1. You must first complete the Upgrade to Ingress milestone

  2. You must first complete the Automatic DNS milestone

  3. Your repo should contain the following files:

  4. deployment/values-external-dns.md

  5. deployment/cluster-issuer.md

Turn In#

  1. The URL to your GitHub repository.

  2. An HTTP(S) URL to your running application.