An Application Container#

The heart of your project is your own containerized application. The first step in building a containerized application is to write a Dockerfile that builds your application container. To accomplish this milestone build a Docker container with the steps from the the Django lab. The container should be built entirely by a Dockerfile with the contents that were generated during the lab.


  1. A directory with a Dockerfile and supporting source code in your GitHub repository.

  2. The container should expose the service on port 8000 (the default port for Django).

  3. The database in the container must start empty.

  4. The first time the container is run it must:

    1. Perform all database migrations.

    2. Initialize the root password to whatever is in the DJANGO_SUPERUSER_PASSWORD environment variable.

  5. The container should be built automatically with a GitHub action.

Turn In#

Turn in a link to your GitHub repo. I will pull and test your container.