Build a Dockerfile#

In this lab you will begin working on the Dockerfile that will be the heart of your project. The Dockerfile takes the place of the manual creation of a container we did in the previous lab. You should carefully track the packages and other software you installed and make sure they become instructions in the Dockerfile.

The Source Code#

In the next lab you’ll create a simple Django app. You should do that lab in the same directory as this lab where you will create a Dockerfile. After doing the next lab an ./app directory with source code will appear. To implement the next milestone you’ll package the source code using the Dockerfile from this lab.

Starter Dockerfile#

The initial contents of your Dockerfile should be:


# Build your container.

Debugging a Container That Won’t Start#

When you start messing with commands in a container sometimes you get a container that won’t start. The docker exec command won’t work. But, you can override the command that the container runs on startup using docker run. Here’s an example:

$ docker run django /bin/sh

The above command prevents your from running and you can look around for problems.