Say Hello to Docker#

This lab will help you know that you have your development environment ready for building Docker containers. In it you’ll start a public container that exposes a network port and connect to it from your browser.

DokuWiki in a Container#

Dokuwiki is a PHP based wiki site. You can find a Docker container for it on DockerHub that’s packaged by Bitnami. Bitnami makes a lot of conveniently packaged Docker containers. Start your

$ docker run -it --rm -p 8080:8080 bitnami/dokuwiki:latest

What does it do?

The command starts a bitnami/dokuwki container with the build tag latest. The host’s port 8080 is connected to the container port 8080.

Cloud Shell Editor#

Click the “Web Preview” button in Cloud Shell editor in the top right. Select port 8080 and Dokuwiki loads in a new tab.

VM Environments#

In vscode select the Ports Tab beside the Terminal tab. Add a new forward from the VM’s port 8080 to localhost:8080. Now visit Dokuwiki on your local browser on the URL http://localhost:8080.

Native Environments#

Dokuwiki should be viewable on http://localhost:8080.

Clean Up#

Typing Ctrl-C on the keyboard stops and deletes the Dokuwiki container.