Create a git Repo#

In this lab you’ll create a new GitHub repo and clone a copy of it into your development environment. The project milestones will all require a URL to this repository. There are many good reasons to have a GitHub account. GitHub uses git to manage your code and keep it safe with features to collaborate with other people. GitHub also builds your Docker containers automatically for you.

Before You Begin#

Git commits are signed with your name and email. You must enter them in to git before you can make a commit. If you have not already done so, run these commands:

$ git config --global ""
$ git config --global "yourname"


  1. Create a repository on GitHub.

  2. In your new repository get the SSH clone URL by clicking the Code button as shown:

    SSH clone URL

  3. Clone the repository in your development environment:


    The URL must begin with git@github

    $ git clone
  4. Update the file.

  5. Add the change to the staged changes:

    $ git add
  6. Commit the change

    $ git commit 
  7. Push the commit

    $ git push 

The process will be demonstrated in class.