Customize a VPC

In this lab assignment you’ll use Terraform to define a VPC with non-default subnets. The default subnets are good for debugging but production applications will almost always need to have custom defined subnets.

Class Lecture

In class I showed how to create a VPC using the Cloud Console. To do this lab you should create the VPC in Terraform.

Make a lab11 Directory

In your git repository, create copy the base directory to create a new directory for this lab.

$ cp -R base lab11
$ cd lab11

Plan Your Subnets

Plan your subnets using at least three regions. They can be anywhere (e.g. three regions in North America, or on different continents). For each of the subnets define the following:

  • A network address and netmask

  • Determine the first and last address in the subnet

  • Determine the maximum number of hosts in the subnet

Document your work and turn in the documentation on Canvas.

Create the Terraform Configuration

Research creating a VPC in Terraform and create a configuration in that matches your documentation.

Turn In

Turn in a document with your subnets and your on Canvas.