Customize a VPC#

In this lab assignment you’ll use Terraform to define a VPC with non-default subnets. The default subnets are good for debugging but production applications will almost always need to have custom defined subnets.

Class Lecture#

In class I showed how to create a VPC using the Cloud Console. To do this lab you should create the VPC in Terraform.

Make a lab11 Directory#

In your git repository, create copy the base directory to create a new directory for this lab.

$ cp -R base lab11
$ cd lab11

Plan Your Subnets#

Plan your subnets using at least three regions. They can be anywhere (e.g. three regions in North America, or on different continents). For each of the subnets define the following:

  • A network address and netmask

  • Determine the first and last address in the subnet

  • Determine the maximum number of hosts in the subnet

Document your work and turn in the documentation on Canvas.

Create the Terraform Configuration#

Research creating a VPC in Terraform and create a configuration in that matches your documentation.

Turn In#

Turn in a document with your subnets and your on Canvas.