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Project 0: Get Ready

When you complete this project you will be ready to start programming and start using CodeLab for the course.  


Technology courses require technology. I like using the first week of class to get everyone ready with the various course websites and other technology. To complete this project you will need to use the basic Arduino template that's found on my GitHub page and sign up for CodeLab. 

Get the Template

In class you should have done the following exercises:
  1. Download and install the Arduino IDE (on your own computer if you use it for class). 
  2. Download the CS-11M template sketch that blinks the LED on your Arduino
  3. Customized the template sketch with your name and a description of the project. 
  4. Changed the blink rate to 5 blinks per second. 
With those tasks complete save your sketch. You will submit that sketch with the name blink.ino

Signup for CodeLab

To sign up for CodeLab you must: 
  1. Go to http://www.turingscraft.com and create an account 
  2. Register for this class  (the section number is CABR-25030-HFEW-30
  3. Take a screenshot of the home page that looks like this: 

Submit your screenshot with a filename of your choice. 

Turn In
  1. Your blink.ino file
  2. Your screenshot 
Submit your homework on canvas.


  • 10 points for blink.ino
  • 10 points for your screenshot