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CIS-89 Final, Spring 2016

This is the final given to CIS-98 in the Spring of 2016. 

Question 1

The code shown below is for a program called "final". Write a manual page for the final program.

Your manual page should have four sections: 
  1. A general description of the program. What does it do? 
  2. A description of the arguments it takes and what each argument does. 
  3. Under what conditions will the program exit with an error?
  4. An example of how to use of the program that uses every argument. 
Your answer will graded on correctness and clarity. Before you begin writing your manual page make sure you understand every line of the program. Use Google to lookup any commands you don't recognize. 

Question 2

Describe what the "trap" command does in BASH and what signals are in the Linux operating system. Why would your program use a trap? 

Show an example of how to trap a signal and describe what your example does.

Question 3

What are the three types of quotes in BASH, what are they used for and what is their effect on variable substitution and globbing? For each quote type give an example of a command where the quote is necessary.