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Lab: Working with Images

In this lab you will work with images and imaging software. 


Taking a forensic image is one of the central tasks of forensic analysis. 

Lab Manual 

Perform Lab 3, parts 2, 3 and 4 in your lab manual. Do not do part 1, unless you really want to. 

SPAM Challenge

The zip file below contains a bunch of files in the SPAM directory. Each file is full of the word "SPAM". One of them is different from the others. Find which file is different and why it's different. 


Submit the name of the file and the word that's different for extra credit. 

Turn In

  1. The answers to the lab manual lab. 
  2. Extra Credit 
    1. The answer to the SPAM challenge.
Submit your homework on canvas.


  • 20 points for the book lab
  • 5 points extra credit for each challenge
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