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Lab: Hash Sets

In this lab you will create and use a hash set.


Hash sets help you identify files. Hash sets can be used to see of the operating system or installed applications have been changed. 

Create a Hash Set

Download this file: 

The file contains the "good" copy of the SPAM file. Extract the ZIP file to your desktop and create a hash set from the files in the ZIP. Take a screenshot of your hash set similar to the one shown below:

Find the Bad SPAM

There's one copy of the SPAM file that doesn't match the hash set in the zip file from last week. Use your hash set to find it. When you have submit a screenshot of the file with the mismatched hash. 

Your screenshot should look like this one except it should show the mismatched file: 

Turn In

  1. A screenshot of your hash set
  2. A screenshot of the mismatched SPAM file. 
Submit your homework on canvas.


  • 10 points for each screenshot
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