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Lab: Get Ready

The purpose of this lab is to get you started with NetLab+ 


This class will use a variety of computer systems. One important one is NetLab+. In this lab you'll login to Netlab+ to establish your account and turn in a screenshot on Canvas. 

Your Netlab Username and Password

Your username and password are derived from your name and your student ID number. Here's how to decode the letters in the formula:
  • lll = first 3 letters of your last name (lowercase)
  • fff = first 3 letters of your first name (lowercase)
  • Ff = first 2 letters of your first name (first letter uppercase)
  • Ll = first 2 letters of your last name (first letter uppercase)
  • nnnn = last 4 digits of your student ID
  • cc = The digits of the class you're in
The formula is:
  • Username: lllfffcc
Michael Matera (student ID 1234567)
Class: CIS-77
  • NetLab Username: matmic77
The initial password for NetLab is: Cabri11o. NetLab will force you to change it as soon as you login. 

Login to NetLab

Use my help page to learn your NetLab user name and password. Then follow the link on the course page to the NetLab server. If you're able to login properly you should see a screen similar to this one: 

Take a screenshot of your welcome screen and submit it on Canvas. 

Turn In

  1. Your screenshot from part 1.
Submit your homework on canvas.


  • 20 points for a screenshot showing you've accessed NetLab