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Lab 5 - Exploring the Network

In this lab you will be using Metasploit to further explore your network. When you start Metasploit again the hosts from the previous homework will still be displayed. There are three new hosts on the network that you have not yet seen. The challenge in this homework is to determine which ones they are. 

Part 1
Repeat the networks scan. This will reveal two new hosts. Which ones they are will be relatively obvious. Perform the following tasks on each host: 
  1. Right click on the host and select Scan. The scan reveals the OS of the computer. Make a note of it.  
  2. Now do a more complete scan. With the host selected select Hosts in the toolbar and initiate an NMAP scan. Use the "Intense Scan". 
  3. As suggested, use Attacks -> Find Attacks to download attacks for the computer. 
  4. Run one attack and take a screenshot of the attack once it's completed. Did it work?
Part 2 (Extra Credit) 
Your scan did not reveal the third computer on the network. Find it, scan it and tell me what OS it is running. 

Turn In
  • The OS of both victim computers
  • The discovered hostname of the victim computers
  • A screenshot of an attack on both computers
  • (Extra Credit) The OS and IP address of the third computer
  • 10 points for information on each victim
  • 10 points for finding the hidden machine