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Lab 4 - Security Tools

For this lab you will become familiar with Kali Linux. Kali Linux is a Linux distribution that comes loaded with specialized tools for penetration testing. Penetration testing is the process of hacking into your own network to see where the vulnerabilities are. We will be putting Kali onto a flash key or CD. That will demonstrate why physical security is needed: You can use it to subvert a machine that the network already trusts!

You will need either a blank DVD+R disk or a thumb drive with at least 2BG capacity. NOTE: The contents of the thumb drive will be erased in the process of installing Kali Linux. You can download Kali Linux here:

I strongly suggest you use BitTorrent to download as it will be much, much faster. I was able to download the torrent in under 10 minutes, the regular download would have taken 12 hours! I will make copies available to download in class for those of you who attend in person. 

Step 1
If you are using a thumb drive (recommended) follow the instructions here: 

Otherwise all you have to do is download the ISO image and burn it onto a DVD+R

Step 2
Find a Windows machine and boot Kali Linux from the USB or CD drive. Follow the instructions in this YouTube video:

Submit a screenshot of what you find. You can blank out the actual passwords if you want but I want evidence that you did it. 

  • 15 points for a screenshot of Kali Linux cracking passwords

Turn In
Turn in your screenshot on Blackboard