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Lab 1 - Capturing Packets

During class complete Part 1 and Part 2 of "Lab 1: Network Devices and Technologies - Capturing Network Traffic on Netlab+," individually or with a team. The lab shows you three different ways to capture network traffic. Everybody knows that the data flows from place to place on the network in packets. Few people take the time to capture those packets and see what they really look like. Visualizing packets is one of the most important things you can do to develop your skill in information security. You will find that there's a wealth of information about a network accessible at every port. Having a solid understanding of programs like Wireshark will assist you in finding security problems. Also, as you will see in the lab will show you exactly why you should avoid using insecure protocols. 

Lab Questions

To complete the lab answer the following questions and submit your answers on Canvas:
  1. What are the seven characteristics that make information valuable? In your own words describe each one. 
  2. In the lab you were able to observe information on the network. Which of the seven characteristics were lost when you followed the steps in part 2? Explain why.

Get Wireshark

Install Wireshark on your own computer. Wireshark is a free, open source program. You should become familiar with it, you will use it in an upcoming project. Once Wireshark is installed open the program and begin a live capture. You can stop the capture when a few packets show up. Take a screenshot of your capture

Turn In

Turn in the following items on Canvas:
  1. The answers to the questions above 
  2. A screenshot of Wireshark with packets captured. 


  • 15 points for your answers 
  • 5 points for your screenshot