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Checkpoint: Replicate Active Directory

For this checkpoint you will create a secondary domain controller.

Your domain controller is the keystone of your network. If it fails for any reason parts of your network will stop working. This can mean long hours for administrators when an entire company is waiting for you so they can work. Lost productivity due to computer failure is inevitable but can be drastically reduced using proper practices. For this checkpoint you will make your network more robust by creating a secondary domain controller. 

Installing a Secondary Domain Controller
On SVR-B or SVR-C install the AD DS role. Once installed add the new Domain Controller to your domain and be sure to replicate the global catalog. For credit submit a screenshot of the "Domain Controllers" container in Active Directory that shows two or more domain controllers in your domain. Your screenshot should resemble this sample: 

Move The PDC Role Off of SVR-A
SVR-A has a big job. It's doing DHCP, DNS and NAT for your network. Now that you have a secondary domain controller you should move the PDC role off of SVR-A. Execute the transfer using the Active Directory Users and Computers tool. Once you have successfully transferred the PDC role take a screenshot of the output of the DOS command: 

netdom query fsmo 

That should show the PDC role moved to your secondary server. 

Turn In
  1. A screenshot showing two domain controllers
  2. A screenshot showing the transferred PDC role
Submit your homework on blackboard.