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(Book) Lab 2: Implementing Patch Management

In this lab you will setup WSUS on (RWDC01) SVR-A. 

Before you begin, download the lab worksheet. I made a mistake in not telling you to do the full lab setup in the Lab Setup Guide. The missed steps affect this lab. There are significant differences between the lab guide and what I want you to do. Please read these changes closely. 

In this lab you are supposed to install WSUS on Server01 (SVR-B) with WSUS already installed on Server02 (SVR-C). Since WSUS is not installed on Server02 this will be a problem. Instead you are going to install WSUS on RWDC01 (SVR-A) and authorize updates for Server01 and Server02. 
  1. Before you begin join Server02 (SVR-C) to your domain. 
  2. Exercise 2.1: Install WSUS on RWDC01 (SVR-A).  
  3. Exercise 2.2: Use Microsoft as your upstream server (not Server02).
  4. Exercise 2.3: Configure clients to use RWDC01 (not Server01). 
  5. Exercise 2.4: Perform this on RWDC01
Turn In
You do not need to complete the lab review questions or the lab challenge. 
  1. Your completed lab worksheet
Submit your homework on blackboard.

  • 20 points for the lab (-5 for each missing screenshot or answer)