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Lab 11: Deploying and Configuring the DHCP Service

  1. Download the lab sheet here.
  2. Set the IPv4 information for SVR-DC-A to
    1. Address: 
    2. Netmask: 
    3. Gateway: (none)
    4. DNS:
  3. Set the IPv6 information for SVR-DC-A to 
    1. Address: fd00::1
    2. Prefix: 64
    3. Gateway: (none)
    4. DNS: ::1
  4. Perform lab 11
  5. Turn in the answer sheet on blackboard
Important Changes to the Lab
  1. There are problems in this lab with a difference between the lab setup guide and the worksheets. The setup guide incorrectly asks you to set the IPv6 address of SVR-DC-A to fd00::10:0:0:1/64 instead you should set it to fd00::1/64.
  2. Because you have configured mismatching IP addresses from the previous lab you may not be able to login as the domain administrator. Login as the local administrator instead.
  3. Exercise 11.2 step 16: If you have configured Routing and Remote Services a list of DNS servers appears in the dialog box. YOU MUST DELETE THEM ALL AND REPLACE THEM. The only DNS server that should appear in the list is (the IP address of SVR-DC-A). Failure to do this will result in the members losing contact with the domain controller.