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Lab 03: Configuring Local Storage

  1. Download the lab answer sheet from here.
  2. Delete any previous VMs you've created (see below)
  3. Clone the SVR-MBR-C VM in the Templates/Lab 3 folder (DO NOT CLONE THE OTHERS)
Important Changes to the Lab
  1. Do NOT answer question 1 in section 3.1 (it doesn't make sense because of VMware)
  2. Make ALL disks you create 1 GB in size (ignore the sizes in the book)
  • 20 points possible (loss of 5 for each incorrect answer or screenshot)
  • 5 points extra credit for the lab challenge
How to Delete a VM
There are two ways to delete a VM in VMware. One way only makes the VM invisible and doesn't recover the space. When deleting a VM be sure to select "Delete from Disk" as shown below.