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Lab 02: Configuring Servers


  1. Download the answer form here.
  2. Delete any VMs you created up until now (we'll use my templates from now on)
  3. Clone the template called SVR-DC-A into your own folder 
  4. Clone the template called CVR-MBR-B into your own folder
  5. IMPORTANT: Connect both VMs to your private network
  6. Do the lab in the lab book.
How to Clone a VM
Start by selecting the template you would like to clone. The templates folder is shown below:

When you select the template you should see the "Deploy to a new virtual machine" option appear:

Select that and go through the new virtual machine wizard. Name your machine and place it in your folder. Leave all other settings at their default. 

How to Connect a VM to a Different Network
In order for the lab to function properly your VMs must be on a network without other Windows machines on them. To do this I've assigned you each a private network. The list of networks is here. To change the network on a VM follow the instructions under " Selecting Your Private Network" in the lab 0 instructions