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Lab 04: Capturing a Reference Image

Begin Early
Some steps in this lab have significant waiting periods. Allow at least 3 hours to complete all steps. More if you wait until the last day when our server will be busy. 

  1. Download the answer sheet here
  2. You have been assigned a brand-new Windows 7 VM. Use it.
  3. New VMs require customization before they're ready to use
    1. Customization happens automatically the first time you start the VM.
    2. Wait at the login screen for 5 minutes or until Windows reboots
    3. Once the reboot is finished your machine is ready to use
  4. Take a snapshot of your VM before beginning this lab (but after customization). You will revert the changes made to your VM afterward.
  5. The new VMs are NOT joined to the contoso.com domain. You must repeat exercise 3.2 in Lab 3 before you begin Lab 4.
Important Changes to the Lab
  1. Exercise 4.3. In this exercise you create an ISO that you can boot your Windows machine from in exercise 4.4. You will not be able to boot your VM from the ISO you created because you cannot load it into VMware's datastore. I have done this for you. Use the instructions from Lab 3 to do the following things:
    1. Change the ISO your VM has loaded to the one located in [disk4-1]/ISOs/winpe.iso
    2. Change your VM to boot from the DVD drive
  2. Exercise 4.4, Step 6: Replace z:\NYCa-CLa.wim with a file named after yourself Example: z:\mike-matera.wim. Please delete your wim file once you have answered question 4.
  3. Exercise 4.4, Step 8: After answering Question 4 shutdown Windows and revert your VM to the snapshot you took before beginning the lab.
About Customization
The process of customization does two things, it gives your Windows VM a unique security ID (SID) and it installs Cabrillo's licence key into the VM. The SID ensures proper network operation with other VMs. The license key enables Windows to register itself with Microsoft so it will be fully functional. You will see this screen when VMware reboots your VM:

After this Windows setup will run. It takes several minutes. You do not need to interact with customization. 

  • 20 points for the assignment (-5 for each question/screenshot that's incorrect or missing)
  • Minimum of 5 points if you recorded the time it took you to do the assignment
  • 5 points extra credit for the Lab Challenge