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Lab 03: Installing Windows 7

  1. Download the lab answer sheet here.
  2. You will install Windows 7 over the top of your Windows Vista VM, nuking Windows Vista
    1. You must change the ISO your VM has in the CD drive
    2. The ISOs directory on disk4-1 contains a Windows 7 Enterprise ISO
  3. Perform lab 3 and turn in the assignment on blackboard
Important Changes to the Lab
  1. In step 13 of part 3.1 create a 15 GB partition instead of a 20 GB one. This will leave 5GB free.
Booting VMware Into the Windows 7 Enterprise DVD
You must reconfigure your VM to use the proper DVD. First select the Windows 7 enterprise ISO in datastore disk4-1/ISOs. Be sure it's selected as shown:

Next be sure to boot into the BIOS screen, which will give you the option of booting from the DVD drive. Tell VMWare to enter the BIOS screen by selecting the options shown:

Once in the BIOS screen be sure to move the CD-ROM Drive ahead of the hard disk using the + key. The boot order should look like this:

If you have done this correctly the VM will boot into the Windows 7 Installer.

  • 20 points for the assignment (-5 for each question/screenshot that's incorrect or missing)
  • 5 points extra credit for finishing the steps of Lab 2 that were not complete from last week