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Lab 12: IPsec Transport

In this lab you will create an IPsec transport connection.

Transport connections are easier to setup than tunnels because there's no need for routing. Transport connections are a good way to have a split firewall. One for people with the encryption password and one for everyone else. Before you begin be sure to:

apt-get install strongswan

Create a Transport Connect
Create a transport connection to the following server:
  • Name: irc.lifealgorithmic.com
  • Password: lefty 
Once you are connected you will be able access a webpage on port 8080. That webpage will have a confirmation number submit it for credit. 

Turn In
  1. Your /etc/ipsec.conf file
  2. The confirmation number
Submit your homework on blackboard.

  • 10 points for your configuration file
  • 10 points for a correct confirmation number