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Project 8: Process Control

In this project you will discover important information about processes. 

This lab must be completed on opus.

Part 1: Take the Process Challenge

For this part you will download a program:

wget http://opus.cis.cabrillo.edu/cis191/project7.pyc

After you have the program run it: 

python3 project7.pyc

The program asks you a series of questions. You will need to have a second shell open so that you can discover the answers. Get all the questions correct for a full score. You can run it as many times as you like. When you're satisfied with your score copy and paste the output into Blackboard. The output contains a confirmation number. It must be submitted for credit.

Part 2: Understanding the Machine

For this part answer the following questions about opus:
  1. How long has Opus been running? 
  2. How many disk blocks has Opus read and written in that time?

Turn In 

Turn in the output of Part 1 (with the confirmation number) and the answer to the questions in part 2 on Canvas. 


  • 20 points for part 1 
  • 5 points extra credit for part 2