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Lab 8 - Controlling Processes

The purpose of this lab is to explore the various ways to monitor the processes on a UNIX system. It includes knowing what utilities are available and how to use them.

You will perform this lab on each of the following systems:
  • Ubuntu Server
  • Ubuntu Desktop 
  • Android
Part 1: Get a baseline for each UNIX system
Boot each system fresh and login the normal way (i.e. Use X-Windows on Ubuntu Desktop, adb on Android). On each of the systems determine (and record) the following:
  1. The number of processes running (ps -e | wc -l)
    1. Android note: The wc command doesn't exist (copy the output of ps to somewhere else and count lines)
    2. More Android: ps -e doesn't work. Just run ps 
  2. The amount of memory used and free 
  3. The amount of swap space used and free
  4. The top 10 processes by memory size (ps -e -o pid,s,uid,sz,args | sort -nk 4 | tail -10)
    1. Android note: Sort and tail are also missing. Again, you will have to copy and paste
Turn In
Please combine your answers into a single document and post that document on blackboard.

You will receive 5 points for correct answers on each system for a total of 15 points.