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Project 9: Examining the System Log

For this project you will examine the system logs of a real machine and answer questions about the machine. 

Lab Procedure 
Download the TAR file attached to this lab. The file contains several log files. Examine the log files and answer the following questions:
  1. What dates do the log files cover? 
  2. How many times did the computer reboot during those dates? 
  3. How many Ethernet devices does the computer have and what is the manufacturer and model of each?
  4. What IP address or addresses does the computer have? 
  5. What printers are configured on the computer? 
Extra Credit
The computer in question had a serious problem during the time covered by the logs. Using only the logs I was able to determine what the issue was. For extra credit you must examine the logs and determine what is causing the computer to crash and reboot. 

Turn In 
Answers to the above questions on Blackboard. 

  • 4 points for each correctly answered question (total of 20)
  • 10 points for guessing the reason for the crash

Michael Matera,
Nov 6, 2014, 10:46 AM