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Lab 6: LVM Mirror

In this lab you will must read and understand the procedure in Logical Volume Management. Once you have tried and mastered that procedure will:

Create a physical volume on:
  1. /dev/sdb 
  2. /dev/sdc
Place both of those volumes into a volume group. Once your volume group is created you will create a logical volume that mirrors its contents on both disks. The lvcreate command to create a mirror (a.k.a. RAID1) looks like this:

$ sudo lvcreate --type=mirror -l <number-of-extents> -n <logical-volume-name> <volume-group-name>

You will have to determine the number of extents to use, it will depend on the size of your disks. When you're done save the output of vgdisplay into a file: 

$ vgdisplay -v > volume-groups.txt 
Submit your file Blackboard.