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Server Assignments

This table shows your server assignment: 

Declan cis154-1.cis.cabrillo.edu
Charles cis154-2.cis.cabrillo.edu
Shahram cis154-3.cis.cabrillo.edu
Thomas cis154-4.cis.cabrillo.edu
Sean cis154-5.cis.cabrillo.edu
David cis154-6.cis.cabrillo.edu
KHK cis154-7.cis.cabrillo.edu
Jenn cis154-8.cis.cabrillo.edu
Eric cis154-9.cis.cabrillo.edu
Aaron cis154-10.cis.cabrillo.edu
Ryan cis154-11.cis.cabrillo.edu
Raymond cis154-12.cis.cabrillo.edu
Efrain cis154-13.cis.cabrillo.edu
Mayra cis154-14.cis.cabrillo.edu
Sergiy cis154-15.cis.cabrillo.edu
Samantha cis154-16.cis.cabrillo.edu
Dennis cis154-17.cis.cabrillo.edu
Ryan cis154-18.cis.cabrillo.edu

Using your Server with MySQL Workbench

Create a new connection in MySQL workbench. Like your Killgrave connection you will use the Standard TCP/IP over SSH connection method using Opus. You will connect from Opus to your own server instead of Killgrave. MySQL lets you connect to multiple DB servers at the same time. Here's a list of settings you need to connect to your own DB server:

Connection Method: Standard TCP/IP over SSH
SSH Hostname: opus.cis.cabrillo.edu:2220 
MySQL Hostname: <your-host-above>.cis.cabrillo.edu 
Username: root 

Leave the other settings at their defaults. The password is what we call, "funny Cabrillo." I'll email it to those of you who don't know it.  


You have root privilege on your host, so you can add and remove users if you like. You can create a schema with any name. Your hosts are available from the Internet using IPv6 only. You may use SSH to access it. The systems run Ubuntu 14.04LTS and the install user is "student" with the "funny Cabrillo," password.