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Lab 11- Data Modeling

In this lab you will create an E-R diagram using MySQL Workbench. 


As some of you have noticed, it's not possible to make your MySQL E-R diagram match the book. The most notable problem is that when you create a M:N relationship MySQL inserts a table between the two entities. That's an associative entity and it has to be there in a relational database. Here's why: 

The data has two multivalued dependencies:

Seminar ->-> Customer
Customer ->-> Seminar

A schema in 4NF must have a separate table to store this:

Customer_has_Seminar ( SeminarID, CustomerID )

MySQL is doing that automatically, which is a great thing. But it means you can't copy the drawing exactly. The same will be true of your Queen Anne DB drawings. Do your best to match the intent of the question.

Chapter 5 explains exactly what MySQL is doing to transform your E-R diagram. We'll talk about that next week. Sorry the homework is a little out-of-order.

Copy the Heather Sweeny Designs Model

Learn to use MySQL workbench by copying the model on page 268 of your book. Copy figure 4-21 (c) The finished design. Save your design into a file called HeatherSweeny.mwb and submit it on Canvas.

Queen Anne Project Questions

Do the Queen Anne Curiosity Shop Project Questions (A through D) starting on page 286 of your book. Create your E-R diagrams using MySQL Workbench. Submit your completed design in a file called QueenAnne.mwb.  

Turn In
  1. HeatherSweeny.mwb
  2. QueenAnne.mwb


  • 5 points for part 1 
  • 15 points for part 2