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Lab 1 - Get Access

The purpose of this lab is to get you ready to use the technology in this class.


There are Cabrillo computers that you will need to access in order to take this class:
  1. Opus - Cabrillo's login server 
  2. Killgrave - The class' shared MySQL database
  3. You own database server (optional)
During the first class I will generate login and passwords for you. 

Your Login Information

Your username and password are derived from your name and your student ID. Use this link to discover your login information:

You will also have a username and password for our shared class database server (killgrave.cis.cabrillo.edu). That will be the same as Opus.

Download MySQL Workbench

The computers in room 828 and in the STEM center have MySQL Workbench installed already. If you plan to do your classwork from home you must download and install a copy. MySQL workbench runs on Windows, Linux and OSX.

MySQL Workbench can be downloaded from here:

Establish a Connection

Once you have MySQL Workbench installed you must create a new connection. Click the + sign as indicated in the picture below: 

In the new connection dialog specify the following settings:

    Connection Name: Killgrave (or anything you want)
    Connection Method: Standard TCP/IP over SSH
    SSH Hostname: opus.cis.cabrillo.edu:2220 
    SSH Username: <your username>
    MySQL Hostname: killgrave.cis.cabrillo.edu
    MySQL Server Port: 3306 (default)
    Username: <your username>

Press the "Test Connection button to be sure your information is correct. The process will ask you for your password twice (once to login to Opus and once for the database). That's normal. If the connection test is successful click "OK"

Take a screenshot of your new connection in MySQL Workbench.

Find the Welcome Table 
MySQL workbench makes it easy to navigate your data. In the left bar under "Schemas" expand the database called "public_welcome" as shown below: 

Select the "Table" icon that appears when you hover over the "lab1" table and examine the contents of the table. 

Take a screenshot of the contents of the lab1 table. 

Turn In

  • A screenshot of your connection 
  • A screenshot of the lab1 table.
Submit your homework on canvas.


  • 10 points for each screenshot