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Example Project Specification


My project will be a system to store data about the classes I teach, the students in them, the assignments I give and student grades. 


The schema will represent these real world entities: 
  • Catalog courses - the parts of a class that stay the same semester to semester. 
    • The attributes of a course are:
      • The course number (Identifying)
      • Number of units 
      • Course Title
      • Course Objectives
  • Sections - A course on a particular semester
    • The attributes of a section are:
      • Section number (Identifying)
      • Semester offered 
      • Days
      • Time 
  • Students - Student information
    • The attributes of a student are:
      • Student ID (Identifying)
      • Name (Identifying)
      • Email address 
  • Assignments - An assignment
    • The attributes of an assignment are
      • Title of the assignment (Identifying)
      • HTML of the assignment page
      • Total Points
      • Due Date
  • Grades - A student's grade on an assignment. Grade is a weak entity because it cannot exist without a student and an assignment.
    • The only attribute of a grade is the points awarded


The relationships in my schema are:
  1. A course has zero or more sections and a section has exactly one course. A course must be created before it has any sections but you can only create a section for an existing course. 
  2. A student has zero or more enrolled sections and a section has zero or more students. Students are not enrolled in any sections until they register and sections start empty. 
  3. A section has zero or more assignments and an assignment has zero or more sections. Sections can exist before the first assignment and an assignment can be worked on before it's assigned to a section.
  4. A student has zero or more grades and a grade is for exactly one student. Grades are assigned to individuals after assignments are due. 
  5. An assignment has zero or more grades and a grade is for exactly one assignment. Assignments receive student grades as they are graded. 


Each entity and its key attributes are shown in the attached drawing.