Account Access FAQ

What’s my username and password?

Your username and password are a combination of your name and your student ID.

Code Meaning
fff The first three letters of your first name. (lower case).
lll The first three letter of your last name. (lower case)
Ff The first two letters of your first name. (uppercase, lowercase)
Ll The first two letters of your last name. (uppercase, lowercase)
nnnn The last four digits of your student ID
ccc The course number. (e.g. cis-191ab becomes 191, cis-15 becomes 15)

The formula is:


Here’s an example:

Name:Michael Matera
Student ID:1234567

Your username and password are used for:

How do I access Opus?

You access opus using the SSH protocol. SSH allows you to run commands on the Linux command line as well as transfer files back and forth.

How do I get a command line on Opus?

On Mac and Linux you can use any UNIX shell in the Terminal. On Windows use PowerShell.

$ ssh -p 2220 <your-user-name>

Note: On Windows use PowerShell

How do I move files to/from Opus?

SSH to the rescue! On all platforms you can use the scp program from the command line. The general form of the command is:

scp <source> <destination>

This example copies a file to your home directory on Opus from the local machine:

$ scp -P 2220 myfile.txt <your-user-name>

This example does the reverse:

$ scp -P 2220 <your-user-name> .

Linux users can do drag-and-drop copies by putting an SSH URL into Nautilus like this one:


Filezilla does drag-and-drop for Windows. Cyberduck does drag-and-drop for Mac.

How do I access VLab?

Follow this link:

We used a self-singed certificate so it’s safe to ignore the security warning.

What’s my Netlab+ username and password?

Your username will be the same as the one in the first answer. You will have an initial password of Cabri11o, which you will have to change when you first log in.

When is my homework due?

Due dates are in Canvas.