Lab: Scavenger Hunt

In this lab you go on an electronic scavenger hunt to collect various items from different systems. These systems can be accessed remotely via a network connection. You will use the ssh command to login into each system and then use the Lesson 1 commands to answer each question. Once you correctly answer all the questions you will receive the scavenger hunt item for that system. Be sure and read everything below before starting the lab.

UNIX/Linux Systems

The following systems will be used for this lab. It is very important to start on opus3. Everyone will take a different path through the remaining systems. Use the scavenge command (or just type sc ) on opus3 to find the next system to visit. Remember, every student will take a different route.

System name Action to take
Opus3 The scavenger hunt starts on opus3 by entering the scavenge (or sc ) command.
Defiant Collect a star
Enterprise Collect a movie
Excalibur Collect a dog breed
Freedom Collect a book
Intrepid Collect a fruit
Lexington Collect a musical instrument

The order of the systems above is NOT the order you will visit them. Always use the scavenge command to learn the next system to visit. You must answer all the questions correctly on a system before you are shown the next system to visit.

Simplified Network Map

Using SSH over the internet

Step 1 - Log into opus3

Use the terminal application on Windows, Mac or Linux to log into opus3:

Step 2 - Start scavenging

Enter the scavenge command to get started and follow the instructions. You will be guided on a unique journey through each system above. On each system you will have questions to answer in order to get your scavenger hunt item.

On each system continue to use the scavenge command to track progress, answer questions or get a list of Lesson 1 commands:

  • To see current status and the next unanswered question use the scavenge command with no arguments, e.g. scavenge

  • To answer a question type the answer as an argument on the scavenge command, e.g. scavenge "my answer goes here without the quotes"

  • To see a list of Lesson 1 commands use “commands” as an argument, e.g. scavenge commands

  • If you like typing less you can abbreviate the scavenge command as just sc.

You can answer a question as many times as needed till you get a correct answer. Each student will have a unique set of answers to the same questions. Once you have answered all the questions correctly you will receive a unique scavenger hunt item for that system. Record each item (exactly) so you can submit them at the end of the lab.


Submit the items you have scavenged on Canvas.