Lab 3: The Unix Mail System

The goal of this lab is to become proficient with using the Unix mail utility to send and receive mail messages.


Start early and check your Opus3 email frequently!

Log on to opus3 so that you have a command line shell at your service. You will have a mail message from me with the name of a cooking spice. Save the mail you get into a folder called spices. The objective of this lab is to use Unix mail to exchange and collect at least 15 individual spices with your classmates. Each student has received their own spice.

Start by forwarding your spice message to other classmates. The email alias sends a message to everyone in class. Each time you receive a new spice save the forwarded message into a folder called spices. You have to create the folder in Alpine.

Turn In

In class you learned how to copy files from opus3. Use your preferred program to copy the mail/spices folder onto your computer. Submit spices on Canvas.