Milestone 1: Get Connected

This is the first milestone where you will pick a domain name and setup the host name for your AWS VM.


To complete this milestone you need to use the commands you learned this week. The only configuration change you must make is to set your hostname. You can set the hostname to anything you like.

Choose a Domain

Choose a domain name that you will use when we set up DNS later in the semester. Your domain name will be something like: 

When you set the hostname in the next step it’s not necessary to use your domain name, but you can if you like.

Set a Custom Host Name

Set the hostname of your AWS VM. The hostname can be anything you like, this host name is private. Use the procedure you were shown in class and be sure to reboot your VM and verify that the hostname is set.


Answer the following questions by executing a command that shows the answer then copying the command and output into a document that you will submit.

  1. What is the IP address of your VM?

  2. What is the default route of your VM?

  3. What DNS servers is your VM configured to use?

  4. What programs are listening for incoming TCP connections?

  5. What is the neighbor table on your VM?


Submit the following in a single document:

  1. Your choice for a domain name.

  2. Answers to the questions

Also, attach /etc/hosts from your VM into Canvas.