System Monitoring and Logging

In this project you’ll examine a Linux machine to answer summary information and you’ll examine system logs to find useful information.

Examining the System

For this project you will execute commands that show you what’s going on with a system. You can do this lab on your VM, opus or any other Linux system. For each question you will submit a screenshot of the command and its output showing the answer to the question (or copy and paste text from the terminal):

  • When was the last time the system booted (what date and time)?

  • What is the average number of disk I/O requests that the system has made since boot?

  • What TCP ports are open (they have programs listening)?

  • How many open files are there on the system?

  • What is the total amount of memory?

  • How much swap is used?

Examining the Log

Examine the system logs of a real machine and answer questions about the machine.

The file contains several log files. Examine the log files and answer the following questions:

  • What dates do the log files cover?

  • How many times did the computer reboot during those dates?

  • How many Ethernet devices does the computer have and what is the manufacturer and model of each?

  • What IP address or addresses does the computer have?

  • What printers are configured on the computer?

The computer in question had a serious problem during the time covered by the logs. Using only the logs I was able to determine what the issue was. Examine the logs and determine what is causing the computer to crash and reboot. Explain in your own words what caused crashes on this machine.

Turn In

Answers to the above questions on Canvas.