Partition Fedora on Installation

In this lab you will redo the installation of Fedora that you did in the Install Fedora on VirtualBox lab with custom partitioning.


The best time to partition the system disk is during installation. Installers have GUIs to help you with the process. In the lab you will create a Fedora workstation VM with the following properties:

  • 2 processors (or more if you have them)

  • 4 GB of memory

  • One 32G disk

The disk will be partitioned like so:

Mount Point Capacity** Type
/boot 1 GiB ext4 Filesystem
(none) 4 GB Swap space
/ 16 GiB ext4 Filesystem
/var/www 11 GiB btrfs Filesystem

**Capacity numbers are approximate.

Step 1: Start the Installer

Follow the directions in the previous lab to get the installer started. Select the system disk in the installer.

Step 2: Custom Partitioning

Select “Custom” in the Storage Configuration section as shown:


Step 3: Use the GUI to Add Partitions

The walkthrough in class shows you how to do this.

Step 4: Install the System

Continue the installation and boot Fedora to the desktop. Use the terminal to gather information to submit for this assignment.

Turn In

  • A screenshot of the output of the df command called df_output.png

  • A screenshot of the /etc/fstab file called fstab.png

Submit the files on Canvas.