Install Dokuwiki

This lab takes you through installing the Dokuwiki wiki system on your VM. Dokuwiki is installed from the command line from a TAR file.

Before You Begin

Dokuwiki is a web application that uses PHP. Before you begin you should have Apache and PHP installed. Install them with apt:

$ sudo apt install apache2 php 

You should have a /var/www/html directory on your VM and you can access it with the URL:


Step 1: Download Dokuwiki

Use the wget command to download the latest version of Dokuwiki:

$ wget

Step 2: Extract the TAR File

Check the contents of the TAR file before you extract it:

$ tar -tvf dokuwiki-stable.tgz

The files are all in a single directory. You should know what files will be extracted before you extract them. What directory will be created when you extract the file?

$ tar -xvf dokuwiki-stable.tgz

Step 3: Move the Files Into Place

You should have extracted the files in your home directory. As root move them into the /var/www/html directory.

$ sudo mv dokuwiki-2018-04-22b /var/www/html/dokuwiki

The files won’t be accessible to Apache unless you change the ownership of the files.

$ sudo chown -R root:www-data /var/www/html/dokuwiki
$ sudo chmod -R g+w /var/www/html/dokuwiki

Step 4: Configure Your Wiki

If you succeeded your Wiki can be configured with this URL:


After setup you can access it here:


Step 5: Create a Page

Once you have configured your Wiki create a page called cis-191. Add any content you want to the page. It’s important that there be some content. You will backup your Wiki in a subsequent lab.

Ansible Equivalent (Optional)

This play performs the tasks in this lab:

- hosts: all
  become: true 
  name: Install Dokuwiki 
  tags: [dokuwiki]
  - name: Installing Apache and PHP
    become: true
      - apache2
      - php 
  - name: Create the /var/www/html/dokuwiki
      path: /var/www/html/dokuwiki
      state: directory
      mode: '0775'
      owner: root
      group: www-data
  - name: Install Dokuwiki
      dest: /var/www/html/dokuwiki
      remote_src: yes
      owner: root
      group: www-data
      mode: g+w 
        - --strip 
        - "1"


Submit a screenshot of the page you created.