Project: Public Data Queries

In the final project for the class you will build a schema using the public dataset you picked in the Using Public Data project and write queries to show interesting things.

Import Your Dataset

Most of the data that is available is given in spreadsheet form. Import your data into MySQL using the table data import wizard. Use the process you learned in the Working with Real Data and the Keys in Real Data labs to build your schema in SQL.

Remember, your schema should meet the criteria:

  1. You must have at least three tables

  2. You must have at least two foreign key constraints

Write Queries

Write two queries that show something interesting in your data. For each query also write a description of what the query shows and why you did it.

Export Your Data

For the final submission export your data from MySQL as an SQL dump file.

Turn In

  1. The SQL dump of your data.

  2. A document with your queries and descriptions.