Connect to Killgrave

Killgrave is a MySQL server in Amazon’s cloud. The class will use Killgrave as a shared DBMS, which will allow me to share schemas with you. This lab will take you through establishing a connection to Killgrave.

Step 1: Start MySQL Workbench

On the opening screen of MySQL workbench click the plus (+) icon.


Step 2: Enter Connection Information

You will see the new connection dialog shown below:


Enter the following information:

Note: You will be prompted to enter your password later.

Click “OK” to create the new connection.

Step 3: Open the Connection

When you return to the home screen you should see a new connection. Click it and you’ll be prompted for your password. You can ask MySQL workbench to store you password for future connection attempts.

Once connected you will see a screen similar to this:


Take a screenshot of the connection screen

Turn In

Turn in the screenshot from step 3.