Get a Windows VM with Vagrant

In this lab you’ll use Vagrant to get a Windows 10 VM. This lab is an alternative to installing Windows 10 from scratch and uses Vagrant to automate the process. You should have installed Vagrant already. If you have not, follow the instructions in Install Vagrant

This lab is experimental! I will correct any problems as they arise.

Step 1: Start PowerShell

Start PowerShell and use it to create a new directory.

$ mkdir cis194
$ cd cis194

Step 2: Download the Vagrantfile

Vagrant uses instructions in a file named Vagrantfile. The instructions include where to find a box, which is a prepackaged VM and how to configure Virtualbox. You must put Vagrantfile in its own directory.

Use the wget commandlet to download the Vagrantfile.

$ wget -O Vagrantfile

Step 3: Create the VM

In the directory with your Vagrantfile use the following command to start your VM:

$ vagrant up 

This will download 10G of data and may take a while. Once the download is complete the VM will start running.

Turn In

Turn in a screenshot of your VM running.